Verdicts & Settlements

Trucking Accidents/18-Wheeler Accidents Verdicts in San Antonio

  • $922,191.64; (2012) Semi truck rear-ended driver at low speed resulting in back injuries;
  • $950,000: 18-wheeler caused wreck resulting in significant injuries;
  • $322,000; 18-wheeler lost control and hit worker on the side of road causing serious injury;
  • $500,000; Medication caused 18-wheeler driver to fall asleep and have fatal accident;
  • $500,000; (2010) Fatal head-on collision with 18-wheeler;
  • $812,000; (2009) Semi truck executed an illegal turn and caused a collision with significant injuries;
  • $5,000,000; (2008) Head-on collision with an 18-wheeler causing serious injury and death;
  • $975,000; (2008) Serious injuries resulting from 18-wheeler collision;
  • $1,460,000; (2007) Semitrailer and motor vehicle involved in fatal collision;
  • $1,450,000; (2006) 18-wheeler reversed recklessly into the street resulting in serious injuries;
  • $695,000; (2006) Minor pedestrian struck by a truck while on the sidewalk.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Commercial Vehicles in San Antonio and surrounding areas

  • $500,000; (2014) Low-impact neck injury caused by improper backing up of commercial vehicle into oncoming traffic;
  • $575,000; Moving truck was driven recklessly after hours causing an accident and serious injury;
  • $725,000; (2008) Serious injuries sustained from auto collision;
  • $699,000; (2008) Death caused by motor vehicle collision;
  • $750,000; (2007) Obstruction on premises adjacent to roadway resulting in an auto accident;

Construction Accidents

  • $1,450,000; Roof collapsed at job site and severely injured worker;
  • $4,290,000; (2006) Carbon monoxide leak exposed the crew to harmful gasses.

Products Liability

  • $1,000,000; Defective tire caused an accident resulting in serious injuries.

Medical Malpractice

  • $1,000,000; Dizzy patient forced to stand and suffered fall resulting in significant brain injury.
  • $690,000; Home health worker sexually abused disabled child;
  • $450,000; (2014) Failure to treat emergent condition resulting in the death of a patient;
  • $635,000; (2005) Fall in nursing home resulting in fatal femur fracture;
  • $1,000,000; (1990) Failure to timely diagnose a fatal illness;

Class Action

  • $6,000,000; Credit cards that received fraudulent surcharges;


  • $1,800,000; (1988) Nuisance created by rock quarry;

Premises Liability

  • $400,000; (2014) Improper security resulting in homicide at a local business;

Dram Shop Liability/Auto Accident

  • $950,000; Local establishment continued to provide drinks to visibly intoxicated customer resulting in a fatal drunk driving accident.